Intrusion Alarm System

Intrusion Alarm Systems are designed to detect unauthorized entry into a building or compound. These systems are a perfect way to protect your home from theft or intruders. These alarm systems use a combination of motion, contact, glass breakage sensors connected to a main arming unit. At ERAMSTOC, we offer, install and service a variety of wired and wireless intrusion alarms.

Video Door Phones

Telephone entry systems with cameras are an easy way to monitor who's knocking on your door. Video door phones allow you to speak and view visitors at your doorstep without having to go to your door. At ERAMSTOC we offer a range of wired standalone, wireless standalone and multi-apartment Video Door Phones to suit your needs.

Access Control

Access control systems give organizations top of the line security for their infrastructure and employees. Our Door Access Control systems, with advanced features along with biometric credentials, PIN and RFID card based access, offer fullproof security solutions.

Digital Door lock

Your smart home needs a smart door lock. Enjoy the convenience of keyless entry to unlock your door. At ERAMSTOC, we offers a comprehensive range of smart door locks which cater to all your families needs; they include a range of digital keyless entry door locks, like fingerprint door locks, biometric door locks, keypad door locks and remote access door locks to suit a variety of doors and styles.

Multi Appartment Video Door Phones

Multi Apartment System provides unparalleled protection by enabling interaction with the visitor at 2 levels - at the building entrance and just outside the apartment. This System also has an intercom feature for inter flats communication.


Ensure the safety of your loved ones with our home CCTV solutions. Now you can watch whats going on at home from your phone or tablet anywhere in the world. Our home solutions utilize an array of different wired and wireless components in order to give you the best solution for your home whilst still catering to your budgetary needs.