About Teletask

Comfort, security and energy management with TELETASK home automation, in case of a renovation or a new home or building. For over 30 years, TELETASK offers home solutions tailored to your needs. Close your curtains with one click, dim your lights for a cosy night in or turn off everything when you leave the house.

A) Lighting, including full-color control, power sockets
B) Curtains, sun blinds, shutters, gates
C) Temperature: heating, cooling and ventilation
D) Audio, video, TV, home theatre
E) Communication (door phone, smartphone, PC, internet)
F) Access control, security
G) Gardening sprinklers, fountains


All in one compact touch screen. The OPUS 7” central control screen may be your best choice.

Besides the full control of all smart home functions, OPUS is also a high-end VoIP indoor video door phone station with almost unlimited features. It is also an intercom and your perfect handsfree phone. And it can’t get lost. It’s on the wall where you need it the most. Need multiple units? Anything you want. OPUS only needs a PoE connection to know all, to do all and to see all (your camera’s). You can even look to your recorded door phone video’s.


The AURUS-TFT features a 4.3” 16:9 capacitive touch screen with LED backlighting. It is able to control all home automation functions: lighting (including LED- RGB color wheel control), room temperature, curtains, moods, audio, energy management, etc. There are several screens available for energy and IP-camera monitoring as well.

Powered over AUTOBUS, the AURUS-TFT needs no extra power supply. Thanks to the additional Ethernet connection, IP cameras can be easily integrated. Combined with an optional design phone, the AURUS-TFT becomes a full indoor unit for video- door phone applications.

AURUS-TFT is both powerfull and discrete. The best of both worlds with hardly no limits. The panel is also provided with a built-in infra red receiver for remote control.

Mounting: Use the flush mounting kit and the AURUS-TFT fits flat with the wall. This guaranties a unique decoration result for use in the most exclusive environments.

Remark: By exception in the AURUS family, the AURUS-TFT has no built-in room temperature sensor.


The AURUS-OLED reads like a novel with four pages. Every page has eight buttons whose functions are visualised on the bright OLED display. This makes up to 32 buttons to control your house or project.

To thumb through this booklet you use three hidden buttons. Every page content can be styled to your wish, the functionalities as well as the icons. To do so TELETASK offers you an existing icon-library or even better: create your own icons just in seconds. Furthermore it is possible to display messages and alarms on the OLED display.

For the ease of use, the AURUS-OLED is completely predefined with a separate audio and a separate temperature control page. It is of course possible to redefine any buttons as you like.

The panel is also provided with a built-in infra red receiver for remote control and a room temperature sensor to control most air conditioning systems, including floor heating and/or cooling. Use the AURUS-OLED horizontally or vertically, choose the orientation based on your interior and personal preferences


1) The latest member of the AURUS family is the AURUS-1. With one button it is very simple in use, yet very elegant in design.

2) The AURUS-2 is a perfect companion in rooms with limited features. It has a simple yet beautifully design. With two buttons you can already control multiple integrated functions.

3) The AURUS-2 SENSE combines motion and light detection with your favorite home automation functions. No need to press a button, the AURUS senses your presence.

4) The AURUS-4 TEMP has four touch buttons and a small screen that displays the temperature settings and the measured temperature. It is the perfect, subtle and stylish replacement of your thermostat.

5) The AURUS-4XL is the bigger version of the AURUS-4S. Control any home automation function with any of the four buttons. Simple and design in one package.

6) The AURUS-4S is the big brother of the AURUS-2. Control any home automation function with any of the four buttons. Simple and design in one package.