About Digital Security Controls

DSC (Digital Security Controls) is a world leader in electronic security.
DSC is a global brand with its headquarters in Toronto, Since the company’s genesis, the experts at DSC have been leading the way.
From our revolutionary control panels, to our industry-leading IP alarm monitoring products and now to our sleek, contemporary self-contained wireless panels, DSC has always been front and center in the security space.

Alexor 2-Way Wireless Security Control Panel

ALEXOR is a wireless control panel, the virtual “brain” of the security suite. Because it is a distributed system, the panel is not attached to the keypad physically, but rather wirelessly. Designed for flexible, secure installation locations within the home, as long as there is access to AC power, ALEXOR operates via up to four wire-free keypads (the WT5500). If the system changes its armed state or a wireless device is tampered with, ALEXOR will immediately be signaled and the appropriate transmission will instantly be transmitted to the monitoring station. And because the signals between ALEXOR Wireless Panel and its wireless peripherals are fully encrypted, communication between all devices is exceptionally secure. The ALEXOR offers all the reliability of traditional wired/hybrid control panels but with all the convenience that wireless delivers.


IMPASSA(Self-Contained 2-Way Wireless Security System):

IMPASSA is the newest, next generation wireless security system from DSC. IMPASSA comes with the defense and offense needed to protect the ‘king’ – the home and homeowner - including: • An integrated HSPA (3G) cellular communicator for high speed, reliable and secure alarm communications. • The flexibility of a distributed approach that allows wireless devices to be located wherever needed for optimal protection. As easy as setting up a chessboard, installers can now deliver a fullfeatured home security solution in minutes by easily enrolling a range of compatible wireless devices into the IMPASSA security system.

Glass Break Detectors

Detects burglar intrusion happening from breaking glass windows or doors with our vibration and acoustic based glass break detectors

PIR with motion Detector with pet immunity

Whether it’s a residential or commercial installation, the LC series of detection devices readies a security system for the unexpected by providing protection for every room, corner and corridor. The LC-100-PI effectively blends performance with competitive pricing. The detector features intelligent signal analysis for reliable detection, pet immunity up to 55 lbs (25 kg) and a slim design that complements any décor