Eramstoc Enterprises, having our head office in Hyderabad, is one among the leading provider of Home Automation and Networking systems for homes and commercial spaces, Established in 2018 we are managed by industry experts with decades of experience in the relative field, which gives us a collective experience of over 100 years,

Since inception, we have worked on multiple projects, in alliance with over 50 renowned home automation brands across the world, offering more personalised service to the end customer, our expertise in distribution and support of home automation systems and other related systems have earned us the credit of being the best. Our Vision – Bringing technology to every Household.

We further aspire to invest in technology making quality home automation a pocket-friendly affair for the end-user. In William A Foster's quote lies the very basis of our working... He said, “Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of high intentions, sincere efforts intelligent direction and skillful execution it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."


Have you have ever dreamt of a magic wand which controls everything at your home?
We are in the service of making your" dream come true", we light up your home draw up the curtains when you arrive, switch on your favorite music from any room in the house, let the alarm go off if anyone intrudes, change the mood of your room as you snooze, keep the security cameras on lookout for any untoward incidents and so much more, And guess what your magic wand is a little box which fits your pocket powered by latest technology known to the human, and we over the years have learned to build and maintain them for your convenience, our speedy response time and flawless installation of your home automation gadgets puts us ahead of our competitors.

Home Automation
Intrusion & Alarm System
Gate Automation
CCTV & Survillence

Biometric Attendance
Home Security
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